Protect Your Teen’s Smile With Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Discovery Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics in Carlsbad, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your child's oral health. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, often require special attention as they can cause a range of issues. Wisdom teeth removal is a valuable service we offer to pediatric dental patients, offering numerous benefits for their smiles.

Why is wisdom teeth extraction often necessary?

When left untreated, impacted or improperly aligned wisdom teeth can lead to various oral health problems. These issues include crowding of the surrounding teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and even damage to adjacent teeth or the jawbone. Wisdom teeth removal allows us to prevent these complications and preserve the integrity of your child's smile.

What can my child expect during this procedure?
The procedure for wisdom teeth removal involves carefully extracting the affected teeth under the skilled hands of our pediatric dental team. We prioritize the comfort and safety of our young patients, utilizing appropriate techniques and medications to ensure a successful and calm experience. Our pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle the unique needs of younger patients, ensuring they receive the highest quality of care.

What is recovery like?

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal is typically smooth and well-managed. We provide detailed post-operative instructions to guide your child through the healing process. While some temporary discomfort and swelling may occur, proper care and medication can alleviate these symptoms. Your child will return to their normal routine within a few days to a week.

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